So, you've set up your blog and even bought it a snazzy domain name. Time to roll out the sales pitches, FAQs and fact sheets, right? Not exactly. When you're creating a blog for marketing purposes, you shouldn't be solely concerned with getting the facts out there about your company. You also need to think about how that information is displayed. With so many pages to visit on the internet these days, you need to entice people into staying on your page long enough for you to give them the information you want to impart. That means playing to your target audience. Here are some things you can target.


Consult your sales demographics and discover the average ages of the people who are buying your company's products or who would have a use for your company's products. For instance, very few children or teenagers need denture adhesive or bifocal lenses while seniors tend not to want things like birth control pills or surfboards. Generally speaking, the younger your audience the more colorful, concise, and dynamic your content should be.


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Tailoring the focus of your blog at a specific gender may seem sexist, but the fact is that the average woman has no use for jock itch cream or suspenders while men tend not to want to hear about yeast infections or dresses. Something like washing machines or medical exams meanwhile, would be something that everyone needs. Tailoring a page to a gender doesn't necessarily mean using pink or blue backgrounds, but appealing more to emotion or logic depending on whether you're aiming at women or men.


There are certain things that are not helpful to advertise to people in certain income brackets. People who support themselves by working at a call center, for instance, may be interested in a coupon booklet for restaurants while high powered lawyers might have more use for information on luxury home decor. The price and exclusivity of your product will determine your target, and the elegance of your page will be the difference.


If your business is a local one dealing with local clients only, it doesn't help to advertise your services to others far away as well, as customers are unlikely to come all that way just to see you. Therefore, if your product or service is location specific, make sure to say the name of the city often in your content so it will show up in the right search engine results list. You may also want to get listed in local link lists and with local business associations.

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