If you've got some money left in your budget after you buy your real estate, you might want to think about putting it toward a home improvement project. The weather can be very nice, especially in the summer, so why not think about laying down some decking so you can sit outside and enjoy the weather? This article contains helpful advice on planning and building a deck on your home.

Budgeting the project should be the first step in any home renovation. The cost of your building materials and labor will vary depending on your region but decks that are big enough for a table and chair set and a barbecue will cost in the vicinity of a thousand dollars. You can save money by using cheaper wood, building the deck yourself and by leaving out extra features like stairs down into the yard, planters, and built in benches. If you're hiring someone to build your deck, make sure you get an estimate.

Most people think of typical decks as rectangular platforms attached to the back of the house but there are many different deck designs. Some involve several levels of decking, archways, partial roofs, built-in cooking pits, and even carved designs in the wood. You can get detailed plans for many different deck designs in books, which are easy to come by at the library, at home improvement stores, and in bookstores. Your decking company should also have a list of options to choose from.

Whether you plant to build your deck yourself or hire a decking company to do it, remember that if the project does not meet your local building codes you may have safety problems and will have problems later when it comes time to sell the home. In many places decks that are supported by concrete footings that sit on top of the ground are not to code. Your deck supports must be drilled down to a depth of 4 ft. Also important are railing heights - in many places they must be chest high on an adult if the deck is 6ft or more off the ground. Always have your deck plans, whether you designed them or your builder did, approved by your local planning office before you start building.

There's no central licensing bureau for deck builders, so if you're hiring a deck builder in London there are a few things you need to make sure of. Firstly you want someone who is a trained and experienced carpenter. You also want to make sure they are bonded (which means you can sue them if they screw up or don't finish) and you want to make sure their previous customers have good things to say. The content you have just finished reading was supplied by Cannect Mortgage Broker Toronto

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