For an office to run smoothly and efficiently, everyone needs to have their specific job and act as part of a team. There is likely no one on the staff who exemplifies this more than the office's administrative assistant. While they might not have their own corner office and a huge title, they are usually someone who is helping to keep everything organized and running as it should. Those looking for recruitment for administrative assistant candidates can tell you that this is a career with a long job description.

Some people have the misconception that an administrative assistant is just a fancier synonym for a secretary. But, the truth is that this position is much more detailed than answering phones and doing some typing for your boss. One of the main tasks of an administrative assistant is to handle all of the logistics around the office or for one boss specifically. This means everything from planning where different meetings are going to be held to making sure that everyone in the office has the supplies that they need to do their work on a daily basis. This is why one of the most important traits that an administrative assistant needs to possess is a strong attention to detail. They also usually will need to be able to multitask quite well.

Between scheduling, keeping up with phones and files, and anticipating the needs of their bosses, this is a person who is crucial to the office team. This is why many companies choose to go through a recruiting firm when they are looking for someone to fill this position. You will want someone with experience but who can be flexible and adjust to your organization. This might actually be one of the most difficult positions on the team to be able to find the right person to fill it.

A few years ago, there were very few schools that were offering education for people who wanted to become an administrative assistant. This was the sort of position that you would work up to, usually starting as a secretary, and you might supplement that by taking some courses in things like management and accounting along the way. Now, there are a number of schools offering college programs for administrative assistants. But, some people hiring still believe that there is nothing better than the experience of working within an office environment.

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