If you're going to make your career in the technology industry, you're going to need your own website - if only just to prove that you know how to make one and attract site viewers to it. When you're setting up your website, there are two key things that you will need to arrange: a domain name and a web host. If you're not sure what a hosting company does or how to go about choosing one, this article can give you some insight.

These days most hosting companies also provide domain registration services so you can get both done in one fell swoop if you're looking to save time. However, there is some concern that putting all your eggs into one basket can lead to disasters in which you lose both your website and its address if your hosting company is felled by a hacker or goes under as a business, so some internet professionals prefer to keep them separate.

As far as hosting goes, what a web host does is to provide space on their servers to store your website. This means that all the photos and text and templates and anything else you put on your site is not stored on your own computer but on the hosting company's servers. This prevents you from using up all your internet bandwidth allowing visitors to visit, load, upload, and download to your website. It also places the onus of preventing hackers and viruses from disrupting your service onto the web hosting company.

For people who only have one website, you will only need a basic hosting package on a partitioned server. This shouldn't cost much more than $10 per month. If it does, you should investigate your other options. For a dedicated server, you're looking at a much higher per month cost. This is the option for sites that need a lot of space or for site owners who own multiple websites. Many thanks to Davidson's Jewellers for their ongoing support.

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